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I always love seeing what others purchase on amazon because theres so many cool things. This is a collection of random items that I’ve purchased lately that I thought I’d share. Amazon has been my saving grace where I purchase most of what I need in life in order to avoid going shopping solo with my little babe.  I’ve found some really fun stuff! A few of these would be great gifts for Fathers Day! Shop my list below.



I also have a few things in my cart saved for later. These are items that I’ve been considering buying. Sometimes I go crazy and add a bunch of stuff to my cart and then save it for later to see if I really want it haha! These haven’t yet made the cut.


Do you all like seeing these? Have an amazon hidden gem you want to share? Let me know below!!!




Nursing Friendly Fashion



When I was trying to find something to wear for Easter I had the hardest time finding something that:

  1. I’d like to wear
  2. Was flattering
  3. Was functional to easily breastfeed 

After talking to my sister and realizing she had the same issue, I felt this post was necessary. I know so many of you are probably experiencing the same issues so I’ve rounded up a handful of nursing friendly options that are affordable and (I think) really cute!

Maintaining a positive body image post baby has been an uphill battle. I’m currently 11 weeks post-partum and almost nothing in my closet fits. I grew an entire human in 9 months, so I’m trying to be patient and give myself time to get back in a place I’d like to be. While an oversized T shirt is functional for breastfeeding and is easy for days I spend lounging around the house, its important to have items I can wear that will also make me feel really good about myself. My hope is that some of these items below will do the same for you!

So many of the items below will work for date nights, doctors appointments, and even the office!



Finley William Fogle- Birth Story


I mentioned previously that the last few weeks of my pregnancy were hard. I was so tired and swollen and impatient!! I couldn’t wait for him to be here. So much of my anxiety came from not knowing what to expect and how exactly his birth would happen. If I could have known how perfect that day would play out, I may have been way more patient in the weeks leading up to the end.

Several weeks before his birth at 31 weeks, we had a scare that landed us in the hospital over night for monitoring. I had steroid shots to develop his lungs just in case and I was placed on bed rest for a week and then modified bed rest. At that point I was sure he would be early. At 34 weeks I had more spotting and after another scary trip to the doctor, I found out I was already 1 cm dilated. I knew he would be here SO soon, so I tried to make sure we were ready. At 36 weeks I had our bags in the car and his car seat installed. We were VERY impatiently waiting. By 38 weeks I had only progressed to 2cm. For this to have been my first pregnancy I was so excited to have made so much progress so early on! Little did I know that he was just keeping us on our toes.

39 weeks

A week or so before his birthday I was having a lot Braxton hicks contractions and I was sure every day was going to be “The day.” I had my 39 week appointment on Thursday February 7th and I was sure that there would have been progress. I had been choking down 6 dates and bouncing on that stupid yoga ball every single day. When she checked me and I was still 2 cm I felt like I had been punched in the gut. It took everything I had not to cry and I was sure I was going to be pregnant forever. Andy said “well maybe he’ll come on his due date” and I was so angry at him for saying I’d have to be pregnant for 6 more days. Our 40 week and final appointment was the following Monday which was when we would discuss an induction for 41 weeks. I did not want to be pregnant anymore but I really wanted to avoid an induction also. I wanted my body to do it all on its own but I was reaching the end of my rope.

In an effort to make me feel better, Andy came home that night with face masks, twizzlers and flowers. Have I mentioned how much I love him? Husband of the year for sure! He knew how tired I was and I’m so thankful for him.

The next day, I began feeling even more uncomfortable. I had a hair appointment and I was so worried I was going to go into labor in the chair. Fortunately I didn’t but I still had to go back up to the salon for a touch up on my hair the next day and I was so worried I wasn’t going to make it. I woke up that morning feeling a lot worse. I posted in a baby group I was in on facebook asking if anyone ever had a “feeling” they were going into labor before hand. I called my mom and I told her the same thing. I just felt different. Andy and I had to run a few errands and I was too tired to even get out of the car by our third stop. That afternoon when I had to head back to the salon, I was miserable. It hurt to walk and I had to pee every 15 minutes or so. I got home that night and ate pizza with Andy and bounced on my yoga ball until I finally went to sleep.

On February 10th, I woke up around 4:30 in the morning and asked Andy to get me some water. I felt like something was wrong but I didn’t say anything to him about that yet. I knew he would be excited and I didn’t want to get his hopes up for no reason. Around 5:50 I began timing what I thought were contractions and after about an hour of them around 3.5-5 minutes apart and a few texts to my sister Madison, I decided to call the doctor and see if they thought I should come in.

I missed one when I went to the bathroom at 6:40

I wasn’t in extreme pain or anything yet but I was definitely uncomfortable. I ate a bowl of cereal really quick in between contractions and then went upstairs to wake Andy up and let him know I was calling the doctor. He jumped out of the bed very disoriented and got in the shower. My doctor told me to come on in so, I got what I needed together and changed clothes and called my mom. She answered quickly and was so excited! When we got in the car Andy said “fill me in, I feel like I’m just joining the party.” I had waited to wake him up because I thought it would be better if he were well rested in case we had a long day. Plus I didn’t want to be “crying wolf.” Since Finley is my first, I wasn’t 100% sure I was in labor but I knew what I was feeling was different from anything I had felt previously.

On the drive to the hospital, my contractions stayed consistent and began getting a little more intense. When we got to the labor and delivery floor Andy went over to the nurses desk and said “uhh she needs help” lol!! He was nervous and I couldn’t help but laugh! I let them know we’d called previously and they said they’d been waiting on us and sent us to get monitored. We got into a room and a nurse checked me and I was still only 2 cm but my cervix had thinned out a bit more. My heart sank and I prayed that this was the real deal and I wouldn’t be sent home. They kept me on the monitors for around 30 minutes to see that my contractions stayed consistent and then sent me to walk the floor. The nurse explained that sometimes walking would help to progress things along or maybe the contractions would stop all together. Let me just say, I was SO worried they were going to stop. I wanted to be done. I was over it.

We walked 30 minutes and stopped back at our room where our nurse hooked me up to the monitors again to make sure that my contractions were still consistent and then sent us back out to continue walking for another 30 minutes. Andy and I walked almost 3 miles that morning and the floor we were on was not very large!! We probably passed the nurses station 25 times. My contractions began getting worse and after a while I was no longer able to walk through them. I began having to stop and hold the hand railing on the wall. I remember telling Andy through gritted teeth “If this isn’t labor, I am NOT having another baby” LOL! We got back to our room around 10 am about an hour after we’d began walking. The Nurse was getting gloves out to check me again when my water broke in the bed. It was the oddest sensation! She asked where our families were and if they were able to get there today because we were officially having a baby! From there, things got way more intense.

After my water broke, each contraction was so incredibly painful I had tears streaming down my face. I had to sign several documents in between contractions and wait for my lab work to come back so that I could get the epidural. That was the longest wait!

Side note- I have no idea how anyone gives birth without an epidural!!! Cervical checks were even more painful than contractions!

I was put in a wheel chair and wheeled over to the room I’d be giving birth in and what felt like hours later, I finally got the okay that I could get an epidural. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. It did cause me to jolt a little bit initially though and I still felt contractions for 20 minutes or so after. My mom got there right after I got the Epidural and I finally felt like I could relax and this was happening.

When the epidural finally kicked in, I didn’t feel anything besides pressure. It was GLORIOUS. They started pitocin to keep my contractions consistent and decided that I would need to rotate to laying on each side every hour to help move his head down into position. They gave me a giant “peanut” shaped ball to keep in between my legs and they came in to help me roll to the opposite side every hour. This was no small feat when you’re numb from the waist down. The rest of the day was mostly just waiting for everything to progress. I ate a couple popsicles and ice chips, talked with various family members who came back to ask how everything was going and watched the monitors. I honestly didn’t feel anything but pressure and the most uncomfortable part was having to lay on my side with my belly button touching the bed when I really wanted to be able to sit up more.

I had been so nervous about labor but that day I was surprisingly calm.

The nurses kept telling me I would have hours since this was my first baby however things seemed to start moving more quickly than they anticipated. When they checked me around 3:30 PM I was fully dilated we just needed his head to move down a bit more but since my body seemed to be doing well on its own, they had me wait to start pushing until I felt any pressure. My water broke around 10AM that morning and I was 4cm. I had progressed to 10cm in only five-ish hours.

My epidural was so good that I could barely feel my legs. I had no idea when I was even having contractions! Around 4:00 pm my doctor came in and checked me again and said we were going to practice pushing. My mom and Andy each held one of my legs and we got ready.

Three pushes and 10 minutes later, he was here. It felt like time stood still. I watched my doctor hold him up so I could see his face and then pat his back until he cried. It almost felt like an out-of-body experience. He began to cry and so did I.  My mom gasped and said “oh Brittany he’s so beautiful!!” It was the most perfect few moments of my life.

Seconds later he was on my chest and my heart grew infinite sizes larger.

I looked over and Andy had tears in his eyes. I knew how proud he was to finally be laying eyes on his son. We were on cloud 9.

Finley William Fogle was born at 4:10 PM on February 10th, 2019. He weighed 7 lbs even and was 20 inches long.



His birth happened so quickly they didn’t even have warm blankets ready in the room yet and they had to scramble to get them! After about an hour of skin to skin we were able to try to nurse and then he was weighed and Andy was finally able to hold him.

So many people have asked where his name came from. We picked it several years ago. I heard the name Finley and immediately fell in love with it and when I mentioned it to Andy he agreed. We also loved the nickname Finn and felt like it just fit us. Andy’s first name is William so we carried that on as Finley’s middle name.

The waiting room was full of our immediate families waiting to meet him. It was so incredibly special to watch all the people we love meet our sweet boy.






While my recovery wasn’t easy, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect birth. Finley completed our family and has filled a space in my heart I didn’t know was empty. The past 6 weeks have been the most exhausting and rewarding of my life. I’m so lucky to be this boy’s mama.

Andy took a few little video clips throughout the day and made me the sweetest video. You may view it here. I can’t watch it without crying!!!

XO, Britt

DIY Nursery Book Shelves


Highly Requested and finally here!! I’ve had Andy help me sit down and write detailed instructions on how he built and hung our floating book shelves in the nursery.

This is one of the first sneak peaks of the Nursery and I was so excited with the response you all gave! His room is my favorite!!

Unfortunately I don’t have many pictures of the process and in between steps but I think It’ll be fairly easy to explain through these instructions.

*Disclaimer – Andy is fortunately really good at building these types of things. I’m good at the emotional support portion.**

Items needed for 4 shelves:
4 pieces of 1X4 wood
1 3/4 inch screws – we used about 32
Sand paper
Indoor Spackle
Circular saw
Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Paint in White

To Assemble:

**These instructions are what we did to complete 4 shelves**

1. Cut one long ways down the middle. Then the rest of the cuts were the length of the shelves. (our shelves are 22 inches wide to fit the space we needed)
2. Next, sand each piece. We have a hand sander we purchased for like $30. So worth it.
3. After the pieces were sanded down and smooth, I then drilled small pilot holes.
4. To connect the pieces together, I used 8 total screws. 4 screws along the back to connect the piece that will go against the wall and also 4 screws along the front to connect the front piece. See the below photo to see what i mean.
5. Then connect the pieces and screwed them together. After connecting you may want to do some touch up sanding.
6.Next step is to apply about 15 coats of white paint… kidding.. but we did 3 coats.
7. Last, we used spackling to fill in any cracks and seams where the pieces of wood met. And then more paint to cover up. this just made them look a little more put together.
Hopefully these were easy to understand and follow. When I was looking to purchase shelves for his room I found that most were around $30 each and we had a hard time finding the right size for the space we needed. With all of the supplies needed, we spend around $30 TOTAL. I will say, that I did not include the price of the sander, drill, saw, or paint because these are all items we had on hand in our shed from previous projects.
** Paint Color is Passive by Sherwin Williams**

Shop The Post:



Let me know If you have any questions!!

XO, Britt

Weeks 37-39.5

A little late is better than never right? While Finn may be here now I wanted to go ahead and post my last 3 weeks of pregnancy. I miss my belly!! but I love being able to snuggle my little squish. The last 3 weeks of pregnancy were really difficult. I was so TIRED and swollen everywhere! But I’m so thankful for every moment. This was the best adventure and I’m so glad I documented it even if I did start to dread these pictures!!




  • Due Date: February 13th
  • How far along?: 37 weeks
  • Baby is the size of a: Honeydew Melon
  • The Bump: is still growing even though I wonder every day how I’m going to get any bigger
  • Symptoms: nausea, dizziness. It’s a little worse than the first trimester. I’m also really emotional. I can’t believe He’s almost here!
  • Food Cravings: KFC mashed potato bowl this week and crispy shrimp from Libbys But lately all food has been really difficult to eat.
  • Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: Its like the first trimester but maybe worse some days
  • Sleep: so tired – He hangs out in my ribs when I lay down.
  • What I miss: wine. I can’t wait to be reunited.
  • Weddings Rings On or Off: On! although they get a little tight sometimes.
  • Labor Signs: we’re still in the same boat- 1 cm. I was praying for any progress but things can change very quickly so I’m trying to be patient. I’m still having Braxton hicks contractions but nothing regular.
  • Best Moment of the Week: eating that KFC mashed potato bowl and not almost throwing it up afterwards. MAJOR accomplishment.
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: His Birth!! I’m ready for my 38 week appointment. Fingers crossed for progress!!




  • Due Date: February 13th
  • How far along?: 38 weeks
  • Baby is the size of a: Jackfruit!! or a pumpkin
  • The Bump: officially attracts every eye in the room if it hadn’t already. Strangers ask if I’m due any moment.
  • Symptoms: still nauseous and dizzy. Also really emotional and uncomfortable and anxious. I hope I’m a good mom.
  • Food Cravings: The only thing I can think of is mint chocolate chip ice-cream
  • Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: all the usual things.. smells and random foods
  • Sleep: is still very difficult. I’m so anxious!!
  • What I miss: wine and moving easily.
  • Weddings Rings On or Off: Started as on but I keep them off when we’re around the house
  • Labor Signs: Braxton hicks contractions occasionally. I was able to time some of them during the superbowl but they werent regular.
  • Best Moment of the Week: our appointments are always what we look forward to!
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: our next appointment.. hoping for progress.





  • Due Date: February 13th
  • How far along?: 39 weeks
  • Baby is the size of a: small watermelon (haha about the small.. nothing small about me)
  • The Bump: is huge
  • Symptoms: SO uncomfortable. and swollen!! My feet are so swollen, I’m limited on shoe choices.
  • Food Cravings: Have been the same. But most meat is a no-no.
  • Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: same as last week. all the usual things.. smells and random foods
  • Sleep: is still very difficult. I’m so anxious!! I’m having a lot of back pain!!
  • What I miss: moving around easily.
  • Weddings Rings On or Off: officially off. Swollen fingers!!
  • Labor Signs: Braxton hicks contractions occasionally SO much pack pain and I’m feeling really uncomfortable.
  • Best Moment of the Week: Welcoming our boy!!
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: His Birth!!


Third Trimester Must Haves 

Many of these are the same as my post on first trimester must haves and second trimester must haves.

  1. Tums!!! – (Side note: My favorite were the Walmart brand mint flavor!)
  2. Exercise Ball
  3. Heating Pad
  4. Water Bottle
  5. A good pair of leggings


There are obviously more items but these were the ones I needed daily. The last month of pregnancy it became really difficult to get dressed because most of my clothes were uncomfortable and I didn’t like the way I looked. I drank over a gallon of water a day and still got pretty swollen towards the end. It was SO worth it though.

I gave birth at 39 weeks 4 days. It was the best day of my life! I can’t wait to share the story with you all!



Baby Fogle – Nursery Reveal

I’m so excited to finally share our Nursery! It’s easily my favorite room in our entire house. I’ve spent so many days sitting in this chair just rocking and wondering who this little boy is going to be. It’s such a happy place for me and I’m so excited to have him here!

For our nursery we decided to go with a zoo/jungle theme but I wanted it to be gender neutral and to be really soft and bright. I really love interior decorating so it was a lot of fun to bring what was in my head to life. I previously shared a little glimpse of his crib and the two photos that tied everything together but now that we’re done I can say its everything I wanted. His room is actually pretty small but I love the way it turned out.


The first major items we looked for were a crib and I knew that I wanted something a little more modern and slim. Since our nursery is a little on the smaller side we wanted something that wouldn’t feel too large in the space. I loved the look of the Babyletto cribs however, I couldn’t fathom the price tag. I found this crib on Wayfair and I was able to use a coupon for 10% off. So it was a much more feasible option for the same look!

Once we had our crib I really wanted to focus on the next larger items because I felt like the smaller pieces would fall into place. We began looking for a glider/recliner and after searching several stores we decided on the Addison Swivel Recliner from Target. Andy and I decided that we would probably get more use out of a chair that reclined and would eventually be able to use it elsewhere in our house when it was phased out of the nursery. PLUS, it’s SO comfortable and the back of the chair is high enough for Andy’s head to rest on which was something we noticed was a problem with a lot of the other chairs we saw when shopping.

The large photos above the crib were purchased from Homegoods, however they are sold on amazon and target for the same price. Our table, floor lamp, and bedding are all from target. I’ve linked that all below.

(Side Note- We have a mount for our nursery monitor attached to the crib and we are aware that we will have to move it when he is mobile)


Andy built our shelves to fit the space we needed on our wall which was much more affordable however, I’ve linked a similar option here. 


THIS RUG – SO SOFT. And So many questions on it constantly. Its amazing. I’ll link it here.

The other two items that I’m so excited about are the Hatch Nursery pad/scale and the Hatch sound machine/night light. These items are by no means a necessity but they were high on our wish list. We wanted a baby scale and we loved this one when we found it. Its soft, easily cleaned and allows you to track how much your baby is eating at feedings. All of this information is stored on an app. If you know anything about my husband, you know he had to have this. The sound machine is also controlled by an app. They are both highly rated and user-friendly!! The sound machine/night-light can also be turned on just by touching the top ring. You can change the sound and color of the light and set favorites when you find the perfect combo for your little one. This isn’t sponsored – we just think it’s really neat.

When I previously shared a photo and details, I received so many questions about the paint color we chose. This one is Passive by Sherwin Williams and it seems to take a different hue depending on the time of day and how much light is let into the room.

Most of our decor is from Target, Amazon or home goods so it’s all relatively affordable and may be easy to recreate in your own space!

I’ve linked everything pictured below and have hopefully done my best to answer any questions in this post but please let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed! We are all set and just ready for a baby now!! I’ll post details on how Andy made these bookshelves in a future post (as promised)

Thank you so much for following along on this journey with us, we are so thankful for the outpouring of love and support and we cannot wait to “introduce” you all to our little boy!!

Processed with VSCO with al1 preset




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XO, Britt

Third Trimester Bumpdate – Weeks 32-36

We are in the home stretch! It feels like my due date may never come at this point. I’m TIRED. But, I’m also trying to soak in every little bit of these last few weeks. As much as I’m ready for him to be here I’ve really loved being pregnant and feeling him wiggle inside of me. As I get closer to the end, I’m getting more and more uncomfortable and these pictures are getting significantly less fun BUT I really have enjoyed this experience!!! I honestly cannot even remember what its like to not be pregnant. Its going to be an adjustment! The last 9 months have been some of the hardest but most exciting and special of my life. Its only the beginning!!!


However, I really won’t be sad when I don’t have to take these pictures anymore. I’m glad I have been though because its fun to look back.




  • Due Date: February 13th
  • How far along?: 32 weeks
  • Baby is the size of a: squash
  • The Bump: is a lot bigger from last week!!
  • Symptoms: back pain and tired
  • Food Cravings: ice-cream which I purchased and is still in the freezer unopened…lol
  • Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: kind of feeling like I’m in the first trimester again
  • Sleep: so tired – sleep is hard
  • What I miss: running. moving easily..
  • Weddings Rings On or Off: On!
  • Labor Signs: he isn’t allowed to come yet. But we did have two steroid shots during our stay at the hospital in case he does try to come
  • Best Moment of the Week: Christmas! spending time with my family
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: getting our maternity photos back! We actually did them on the day this photo was taken





  • Due Date: February 13th
  • How far along?: 33 weeks
  • Baby is the size of a: Celery
  • The Bump: is very large
  • Symptoms: pain when I walk – he is LOW. Also I’m really so tired.
  • Food Cravings: food is not my friend right now
  • Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: still feeling like I’m in the first trimester or maybe worse
  • Sleep: so tired but not sleeping
  • What I miss: right now, sleeping and eating lol
  • Weddings Rings On or Off: On!
  • Labor Signs: he’s definitely low
  • Best Moment of the Week: this week has been weird since I’ve not been feeling good but we did get to hear his heartbeat at our appointment and thats always the best!
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: his arrival!!!




  • Due Date: February 13th
  • How far along?: 34 weeks
  • Baby is the size of a: butternut squash
  • The Bump: feels a whole lot like a basketball duck taped to my stomach!
  • Symptoms: back pain – holy moly. and heartburn! but we saw some hair on the ultrasound so it’ll all be worth it!!
  • Food Cravings: Jersey Mikes always
  • Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: I have morning nausea every morning. Sometimes I feel a little nauseous in the afternoon but i just have to make sure I have something on my stomach at all times which hasn’t been easy since most foods sound disgusting…….. hello first trimester symptoms.
  • Sleep: My body is preparing me and I’m up every single hour all night long.
  • What I miss: sleeping, eating normally, being able to reach my toes
  • Weddings Rings On or Off: still on!
  • Labor Signs: lots of Braxton hicks contractions.
  • Best Moment of the Week: seeing his sweet face!! we got an ultrasound at 34 weeks because I’ve been having a lot of crazy symptoms of spotting and they wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. I was afraid and I think the ultrasound tech could sense that and she ended up showing me his face in 3D – he’s perfect!
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: holding him! and my 36 week appointment.





  • Due Date: February 13th
  • How far along?: 35 weeks!!
  • Baby is the size of a: 
  • The Bump: I thought was lower, but maybe not
  • Symptoms: I asked Andy what he thought and he said Bratty- lol! I’ve been nauseous, out of breath, tired, uncomfortable
  • Food Cravings: chocolate chip cookie which I’ve been ignoring..
  • Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: still having occasional nausea, I almost had to pull over on the way to work to throw up. Smells aren’t fun and I just have to make sure I have something on my stomach at all times.
  • Sleep: not sleeping……
  • What I miss: sleeping..
  • Weddings Rings On or Off: they’re officially getting tight.
  • Labor Signs: I’m 1cm dilated. Hopefully we won’t have to wait all the way until 40 weeks.
  • Best Moment of the Week: We installed our carseat! things are getting real!!
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: Madison’s baby shower! also hopefully having a baby very soon!!





  • Due Date: February 13th
  • How far along?: 36 weeks
  • Baby is the size of a: Romaine Lettuce
  • The Bump: feels a bit lower? maybe? Probably wishful thinking.
  • Symptoms: I’m having a hard time eating meat and feeling weird about a lot of foods. I’m eating cereal often.
  • Food Cravings: a chocolate chip cookie
  • Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: smells still and meat is not my fav
  • Sleep: is so rough. Some days are okay and others I wake up every hour.
  • What I miss: Not being pregnant
  • Weddings Rings On or Off: still on but they’re feeling a little tight
  • Labor Signs: still dilated to a 1 – which i know you can be for weeks.
  • Best Moment of the Week: finishing his nursery!! its my favorite room in the house.
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: finally having him in my arms. But Andy and I are going on a date this weekend so I’m excited for that too! I’m trying to take it one day at a time.


Questions That I’m Frequently Asked:

What’s in my hospital bag??

I did a full post on that here. I do plan to do a follow up post afterwards to let you all know what I used and what I actually didn’t find to be helpful.

What’s his name?

You all will find out soon enough! We purchased a hat from Knots Baby and will announce it when he’s born. I’ve linked the hat below. There are many different styles and designs. SO cute!

What have you been doing for aches and pains?

Complaining! ha! just kidding kinda.. but I stretch and suck it up. The end is near!! I do have a heating pad that I occasionally use and Andy gives me a lot of foot massages.

Biggest Surprise??

I didn’t expect that the first trimester nausea would come back. I’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy until the third trimester. Lately I’ve been really nauseous no matter what. That’s what has made these last few weeks really difficult. My nausea has actually been much worse in the third trimester than it was the in the first. I really cant wait to eat normally again. I love food!!! just not so much lately.

Hopefully we don’t have too many more of these left!!

Nursery Reveal coming very soon!



Andys 30th birthday – 30 presents for 30 years


This post is a little different for me but I wanted to share because I got so many questions when I shared a glimpse. Several months ago I started saving here and there for Andy’s 30th birthday. Originally I wanted to throw him a party but he asked me not to. Since 30 is a big one, I wanted to make sure he felt extra special – especially with our little guy on the way.. I know he’ll be taking a lot of our attention very soon.

SO I began a plan and started a small separate savings several months ago. I just took some cash out each pay-day and ended up with a birthday fund to do something special.

I knew I wanted to get tickets to see the Atlanta Falcons but I wasn’t worried about finding close seats. I just wanted us to get there and to be in a place we could see but I realized afterwards that I probably should have gotten us a little closer. We were one row from the top LOL!! Fortunately we were able to move to a lower seat once the game started. BUT ANYWAY- we aren’t there yet. Let me get to the 30 gifts.

I decided I would just share my list of things he received so that you all could maybe copy any ideas. A lot of these are silly or small but he had fun opening them and I had fun watching!! Seriously one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever given.


30th Birthday Gift Ideas

  1. Card
  2. Gum – I did gum balls I found at TJ max which is kind of an inside joke between us but you could just do a big pack of gum!
  3. 6 pack of beer
  4. Socks
  5. K-Cups Coffee – peppermint mocha
  6. Restaurant Gift Card
  7. Summer sausage, Cheese and Crackers
  8. Ornament – I got us a personalized ornament for 2018
  9. Chapstick
  10. Camera – this was $20 on amazon and he had been hinting he wanted it for Christmas
  11. Reese’s
  12. Swedish Fish
  13. Underwear
  14. Gummy Bears
  15. Scratch off lotto tickets
  16. Falcons Pullover
  17. Baby monitor mount
  18. Charging Cable – 10 ft that we needed for the hospital
  19. Baby Onesie
  20. Small Frame for his desk
  21. Coffee Mug
  22. 4D Baby Ultrasound – I just printed the receipt for our appointment. He did know we were going so this is one I cheated for but still
  23. Ginger Bread house kit – our new tradition we’re starting!
  24. Falcons Long Sleeve shirt
  25. 30 reasons I love you – I just typed out a word document and wrapped the paper in a t-shirt box ha!
  26. A picture of my pregnant belly
  27. $50 Gas Gift Card
  28. Tickets to see the Falcons – I had these made on Etsy and laminated them! he thought they were real!! the real thing was on stub hub
  29. Hotel Stay
  30. Cash for the weekend – in an envelope

Processed with VSCO with al1 preset

To say he was shocked would be an understatement. I thought my heart may explode!!

During our stay in Atlanta we did visit a few places. Saturday we got in to our hotel and went over to the College Football hall of fame and then the Georgia Aquarium after checking into our hotel. Both places were really fun! The Aquarium is huge and definitely something we’ll be planning a trip back for to bring our little boy.

Our hotel wasn’t anything spectacular but it was walking distance from the stadium and the main reason we were going. We had a lot of fun!

Our seats were terrible. I probably should have had some help purchasing the tickets but I wanted to be mid field so that we could see and not at an angle. We were so high we were above the replay screen. Fortunately we were able to move lower once the game started since there were still plenty of open seats.

Next year I’m off the hook – A baby makes to be a pretty good gift.






Maternity Photos Part 2 & Registry Must haves




I’ve been promising this post for a while and I finally feel like I have a decent list. When I first began creating a registry and looking at all the various baby items I would need I was so overwhelmed. I did so much research through asking other moms on Instagram and Facebook as well as searching the Top Rated Items for 2018 and 2019.

Instead of including every single thing I registered for I’ll put the most highly recommended items and the items I’m most excited to use below. I know that not all of these items are a necessity and every baby is so different but this is what we’re starting with.


1. Fisher Price Auto Rock and Play

This is by far the #1 Item on the list. Since its similar to a swing we opted not to register for both however a lot of moms also recommended the Mamaroo. The Mamaroo is around $200 (unless you buy used) where the Fisher Price Auto Rock and Play is currently $54 on Amazon.


2. DockaTot

I haven’t yet purchased this because I have a basinet he’ll be sleeping in but so many people have sworn by it that I feel like it may be something I need to invest in. I haven’t quite decided.


3. A Good Diaper bag

I couldn’t decide what exactly I wanted but I knew I wanted a back pack style so that I would be able to more easily carry a bag and car seat. I knew from being around my sister and niece that anything over the shoulder would be a bit more difficult. I purchased a Halova Originally but i wasn’t impressed with the size and it seemed as though everything would get lost in the bag. I know so many people swear by it though (it has 3,000 reviews on amazon) and its under $30 so this option may work for you. I ultimately decided to go with a JuJuBe BFF in the Queen of the Nile print.

I know it s a bit more expensive however, its washing machine safe and fits SO much and is so organized. I actually purchased an open box on Amazon so it was a little cheaper since it was a return. I would recommend doing the same!

I’ll link both options below as well as the other backpack i was considering.


4. Zipper Pajamas or gowns

Basically I was told that I wouldn’t want to be dealing with buttons at 3am when I was changing a baby diaper. I purchased a variety of different brands. I’ll link below all of the ones I’ve purchased/registered for and love!


5. A Baby Monitor

We registered for the Infant Optix Monitor. This is something that I did a lot of research on. We were extremely fortunate in that my sisters purchased this as our shower gift and we set it up to play with it and really loved it. There are so many great reviews. I would highly recommend!!


6. A Boppy Pillow

This is something that I just know from experience is a must have. With my younger brother it was much easier to feed him his bottle with the boppy under my arms. My mom also used to use it for tummy time and to help prop him up when he took a nap during the day.


7. The Haakaa Pump

I plan to breastfeed so this was a must have for me. So many moms recommended this hand pump. Basically you use it on the opposite breast from which you’re feeding on and it catches any let down during feed. Its a great way to stock up a supply and its less than $15.


8. Stroller/Carseat Travel System

We went with the Nuna Pipa Carseat and the Nuna Mixx 2 Stroller. We were fortunate to receive this as a gift also but it was high on my list. The Nuna Pipa Carseat is one of the lightest on the market and safest.


9. Hatch Nightlight

This is another item that was high on our wish list. Its a nightlight and sound machine. Theres an app that allows you to control what sounds and colors play and it’s really neat.


10. Hatch Changing Pad

This is another one that was high on our wish list and we purchased it with gift cards we had left over from our wedding. It’s really neat because it allows you to weigh your baby. You can actually weigh your baby before and after you feed him/her to get an idea of how much they ate.




Other Baby Items We registered for and love:


Don’t miss out on my other Pregnancy related Posts:



Like I said previously, I know what works for us will be a lot of trial and error and I’ll definitely be keeping you all updated on items we love once he is here and we are using them daily. That being said, did I miss a product you feel is a must have? Let me know below!!


xo, Britt





Maternity Photos – Part 1 and Pregnancy Reflection


I cannot believe that we’re in the home stretch of this pregnancy! Some days it feels like only yesterday and then others it feels like I’ve been pregnant forever! I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and I can’t believe our sweet boy could potentially be here in as little as 3 weeks!! Although it could be longer!!  I’ve been “nesting” like everyone says and I’ve organized almost every closet in our house ha!

We had to reschedule these photos twice because of weather and our 24 hour hospital stay but our photographer, Jessie was so sweet and worked with us to finally get them! I’m only sharing half here and I’ll share the rest on a future post. If you’re local, I’ve linked her page below so that you may check her out. She’ll also be doing our newborn photos when our boy is here!!

4J6A48794J6A48774J6A48694J6A48284J6A48224J6A49004J6A48984J6A48584J6A49284J6A48314J6A48084J6A4799Dress: Linked here |Photography credit: Jessie Rayfield Photography

Reflecting on my pregnancy as a whole, its been a little bit of an emotional roller coaster. There have been SO many highs!!! but a few lows too.

When we decided we wanted to try for a baby, we wanted it to happen yesterday and when it took several months (almost a year) it was really hard on me. I know that this is normal for so many couples but I couldn’t help but wonder if something was wrong. Two months prior to finding out we were expecting, I had a miscarriage and It was so lonely. I went from being on cloud 9 thinking we were going to be parents to having my heart ripped from my chest. It felt like confirmation that something was in fact wrong.

Two months later when I got a positive test for the second time, I felt numb. Instead of the happy tears and dancing with Andy and crying, FaceTiming my mom and sisters like I had the first time, I felt so afraid. I didn’t even tell Andy I was taking a test and after I saw the faint second line, I didn’t rush into the other room with tears streaming down my face like I had previously. I was afraid. I waited until I felt like I was going to burst (only 15 minutes or so later but still) and I told him I’d tested and it looked positive. I didn’t want to hurt him again either. The look on his face was priceless. The second I’d said I had tested he looked so hopeful. I felt responsible and I wasn’t ready for another heartbreak. I wanted it to happen so badly and when it did I felt like I couldn’t believe it yet. I felt so helpless. For several weeks I walked around feeling like I was holding my breath. I prayed a lot.

My mom actually told me one day that she felt like the joy was taken from me and that I wasn’t able to fully be excited and she wished that I would be. She was right. But I was so afraid of being hurt again. I didn’t know how I’d recover.

Four weeks after getting a positive test, we heard his heart beat for the first time and I felt such a relief. It was as if the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders and I could breath again.

And from there, I finally felt like it was happening.

We had so many highs, from seeing a real little baby at 12 weeks on the ultrasound screen, to telling each of our family members, to announcing to the world that we were going to be parents. It finally felt real!!

But there were still a few lows in there too–  just way less of them. I wasn’t sick very often but there were a few days I felt like I didn’t know how I’d survive. Migraines that left me crippled and in bed all day and days I couldn’t eat at all. When we found out we were having a boy, I laid awake all night wondering how the heck I would be a good “boy mom.” So silly, I know but initially I was petrified!!!

At 17 weeks, my friend who I’d relied on my entire pregnancy and who was also pregnant and due a few days before me, suffered a second trimester loss. That was the lowest low for me. A reminder that nothing was promised and we could still lose it all. My heart was broken.

In order to move forward and heal I had to accept that I wasn’t in control but whatever was meant to be would be. I learned a lot about myself and I’ve grown so much spiritually and emotionally – along with the physical changes of a giant belly.

And we had even more highs; we found out he was a boy, we celebrated with our friends and family, showered him at my baby shower, and prepared our home and created a nursery.. And a bunch of little moments in between.

In 34 weeks time I’ve prayed more than I probably have my entire 26 years of life.

Fortunately, I have the best support system including my Mom, my sisters Tiffany and Madison and of course Andy. My sweet husband may be just as terrified as I am, however he does a great job of hiding it and making me feel like it’s all going to be okay. I thought I loved him before but I swear every day I love him more. I can’t imagine how I’m going to feel seeing him hold our son for the very first time.

Some days it still feels so surreal. I feel so strongly that every high and low has been to prepare me to be a mom. This has been the best and most terrifying experience of my life and while it’s not over, I am so thankful for every moment.

I’m so glad to have been able to share this journey with you all.