Easy Fajita Bowls

One of mine and Andy’s favorite meals to make for dinner is crock pot chicken fajitas. Several years ago when and Andy and I first moved in together, I would scour Pinterest looking for Recipes that I could learn to cook for us. Many failed attempts later, I was able to find a few good ones. Crock pot chicken fajitas became a favorite in our home and since its so simple to throw together before work, we make it quite often! It never gets old.



To start, these are the ingredients. You just need a pack of boneless skin-less chicken breast, Fajita Seasoning mix, and onions and peppers. You need a pack of seasoning per pound of chicken. I am lazy so I usually purchase the Birds eye Fajita Vegetable mix.


This recipe is so simple, all you do is dump all of the ingredients in your crock pot and set it on low for 7 hours. Our crock pot has a setting that allows for it to automatically switch to warm after completing the set time.

When I get home I shred the chicken and VOILA! The easiest dinner you may ever make besides tacos.

This chicken can be added to Fajita bowls, salads, casseroles or just wraps for tacos.

Let me know what you all think if you decide to make it!


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