An Honest Review of Hello Fresh – from two Newly-weds!

An Honest Review of Hello Fresh – from two Newly-weds!


Hi Guys and Happy Monday! Andy and I recently tried hello fresh and we wanted to share our experience.

We have lived together for several years now and I do the majority of the cooking. I normally don’t mind it too much and I actually have found that I’m pretty good at throwing things together and coming up with a yummy result. Andy does help and will cut/dice anything I need (He won’t let me use a knife, he says it scares him LOL) but for the most part I do the grocery shopping and I’m in charge of deciding dinner. I’m also a little more particular than he is and I like to decide what I’m going to eat where as he’s okay with whatever’s on the table.

Recently I’ve been so bored of cooking the same few recipes. I’ve gotten so sick of chicken. I’m bored with Salads. I’ve been reaching for whatever is easiest.


A Friend of mine posted that she had a voucher for a free week of meals for Hello Fresh and it seemed like a great time to give it a shot. I figured if we didn’t like it we could just cancel and there would be no harm, no foul. We loved it so much we decided to continue and I wanted to write an honest review for you all to decide if it might be right for your family also!

If you’re already excited, you may click here to use my referral and receive $40 off your first box making it just $19.95 for 3 meals for 2 people.

We selected the original plan for 2 people and we elected to receive 3 meals. You may also choose 4 but we did 3. This felt like it would work better for us since Andy sometimes works late and I like to do “anything days” which Is something that my mom used to do as we were growing up haha. Basically you’re on your own to find anything you want to eat in the house for dinner. Sometimes its Cereal, sometimes it’s a salad, sometimes it’s a handful of cheese its and a glass of wine – balance people.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 9.41.35 PM

Once you choose your meal plan, you may select your meals. I personally feel like there is a great selection and it does change each week. Unless you are super extremely picky, you will have options. Andy is not the biggest fan of fish, and that only took out 2 of the 10 options. Then you pick what day you’d like to receive them, we chose Monday but if Tuesday or Wednesday works better for you, you can do that too.

We selected our meals on Thursday and they arrived on our door step on Monday.


In the box, there were 3 paper bags on top of a large freezer pack with your meat below. Each paper bag includes all of the ingredients needed for each meal. You also receive recipes and nutrition information. The only items not included were olive oil, salt and pepper.



I promised an honest review so let’s get to the gist of it.

I’ll admit that I was slightly nervous. When the second meal we cooked called for an entire onion, I was really worried we were going to end up having to order a pizza instead. Also, I was worried the portions would be really small and Andy would still be hungry. But none of that was the case. We did leave the cilantro out of one of our meals (pork al mojo) but it was only a garnish in the rice so it didn’t affect the recipe much.

Each of our 3 meals were AMAZING and they involved so many ingredients we would never have purchased on our own. Not only that, but cooking this past week has felt less like a chore and more like a fun date night. On Wednesday when I knew Andy was working late, I started without him and he was genuinely disappointed.

I will say that they did take a bit longer than the recipe suggested but since we were talking and trying to figure out what the heck we were doing, it didn’t really matter. None of the recipes took over an hour.

Sometimes our weeks are so busy that we come home, go to the gym, cook, and have maybe an hour to ourselves before we need to get ready for bed so we can start it all over the next day. Cooking our Hello Fresh meals together made our night a little more enjoyable and it felt like we had more time together too even though we usually do cook together most days!

Today, Andy told me that the reason he loves these meals so much is that it levels the playing field for us. He’s not super comfortable in the kitchen (like I am) and normally we cook meals for recipes that I’ve found or that I’ve cooked before. All of these recipes are things that neither of us are familiar with and we’re trying for the first time.

For $60 you get 3 restaurant quality meals on your door step all made with organic and fresh ingredients. That’s $20 each night! Totally worth it. Each portion was filling and delicious and we couldn’t wait to pick out this week’s meals!

If all of this sounds amazing and you want to try it out for yourself, I’ve linked my referral again HERE.

I also have shared most of the process on my Instagram so you may follow me with this link and watch last week’s meals on my story. Here are some more photos of meals we’ve cooked so far. 



If I failed to answer anything please feel free to comment below! Also, if you decide to give it a shot I’d love to hear what you think!! I hope you all have a Fantastic week!!!

 XO, Britt


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