Target Shoe Sale

Happy Thursday!! If you saw my insta-story, I spent my lunch break today trying on shoes and I found so many that I wanted to grab for summer!

I just wanted to quickly share with you guys all of the shoes I have or want. I love target shoes because they’re reasonably priced and are great dupes for a lot of designer options.

I’m going to grab two pairs for myself!

I hope you guys have a great weekend!!

xo, Britt


Updated Makeup Routine


HI guys and Happy Thursday!

I’ve recently been getting a lot of questions about my makeup routine and while I’m no makeup artist, these are all products I love and use almost daily. I do switch up my routine from time to time so this is what I’m doing currently.

Step 1 – I prep my skin. I use Tula moisturizer. I use this at night after I wash my face as well as in the morning after I shower. Its super hydrating and It feels really good on my skin. I usually put this on and will fix my hair after to give it some time to sink in my skin before I apply makeup. I also apply Dr Brandt No more baggage eye cream which helps with puffiness and makes you look instantly refreshed!

Step 2 – Tarte Shape Tape Concealer on any Blemish I have. I have a very light shade for highlighting under my eyes so I will use this on my blemishes prior to foundation so that the foundation will appear smooth and also, It helps so I don’t have to purchase two separate concealers.

Step 3 – I currently use Este Lauder Double wear foundation. Its full coverage and it stays all day. I was using Maybelline stay matte foundation (which I still use occasionally) but my skin was getting really oily in my T zone mid day and It wasn’t lasting as long as I’d like. Double wear stays all day/night long and doesn’t budge. I know everyone loves beauty blenders, but I use a brush for my foundation. I think it helps me spread it a little more easily.

Step 4 – I apply Tarte shape tape concealer under my eyes and anywhere else I want to highlight. This is where I use a beauty Blender. I blend out my concealer and usually dab the rest of my face to make sure everything looks smooth.

Step 5 – I apply translucent powder to set my face. I used Rimmel London Stay matte powder. Its $3 at target and I love it. I use a fluffy real techniques brush all over my face.

Step 6 – Time to contour/bronze! I use my Anastasia powder contour palette I will blend two of the lighter bronzer colors together on a brush and lightly contour/bronze my face. For every day I just use a bit of color. If I’m going somewhere special, I’ll add some of the darkest color into the hollow of my cheeks to create more dimension.

Step 7 – Blush- I love blush sometimes I just use blush and mascara if I’m running to the grocery store and I don’t have time to do much else. I have several I interchange but lately I’ve been reaching for my favorite Milani blush

Step 8 – Eyebrows! I use milani dip brow. Its a dupe for Anastasia dip brow. Its super easy to use. Then I use Maybelline clear mascara as a gel to hold them in place. HOWEVER, I recently purchased the maybelline eyebrow

Step 9 – Morphe Jaclyn Hill Pallete is what I use daily. I rarely stray. Its my favorite.

Step 10 – Eyeliner and Mascara! I only wear eyeliner occasionally lately. I have Stilla Black eyeliner which I love – so easy to use. I also use the elf liquid eyeliner that’s $2 but I use stilla more. My holy grail mascara is loreal voluminous carbon black. I often try others because I get a lot in my Ipsy bag and Its still my number 1. It cosmetics is a close second with their Superhero mascara.

Step 11 – Last step- Highlighter and lipstick. I use Becca Champagne Pop. My every day Lipstick depends on the day but my 3 favorites are Maybelline stay matte Lipstick, Millani Lipstick, or Nyx satin Lip butter.

and VOILA! That’s it.

Products Used – (I’ve linked everything below for easy shopping)

Tula Moisturizor 
Dr Brandt No more Baggage cream
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer
Este Lauder Foundation
Rimmel London Stay Matte Translucent Powder
Anastasia Contour palette – Light Shade
Milani Blush
Milani Stay Put Brown Color
Maybelline Clear Mascara
Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette
Stilla EyeLiner
Elf Eyeliner
Loreal Voluminous Mascara
Becca Champange Pop
Nyx Lip Butter
Milani Lipstick
Real Techniques Brushes
Real Techniques beauty Blender

I’m always looking to try out new products. What’s your Holy grail if I haven’t listed?

I hope you guys have a great weekend!!

xo, Brit

Bathroom Refresh!


One of the things I’ve wanted for my blog was for it to be a creative outlet. I love lots of things in my life and although fashion is one of them, that’s not where it ends for me. I wanted to make a conscious effort to write about food, fashion, workouts, fun experiences and home décor.

Today I wanted to share a little more about our home décor and particularly our half bath.

Andy and I purchased our home in December of 2016 and I was SO excited to have my own space with my own walls to paint any color without asking a landlord for permission. This thought is actually kind of hilarious to me now because I would rather do anything else than paint now that we’ve painted 70% of our home.

Fortunately for us, our home had a lot of character already (which is one of the reasons we fell in love with it in the first place) and the only real changes we had plans for were style wise… For now.

Our Bathroom was one of our first “finished” projects. (Although is anything really ever finished in home décor?) And it wasn’t all that much work but I feel like it made a huge difference.


Left- Sherwin Williams “North Star” (we did this one)
Right- Sherwin Williams “Lullaby”


LETS START WITH COLOR. Paint colors can be kind of overwhelming. I knew I was going to be using light gray tones in our living room/dining room and hallway and I wanted the bathroom to be slightly different. We ended up getting two small samples of Lullaby and North Star from Sherwin Williams which actually turned out to be very similar. And after staring at them for hours we decided to go with North Star. And just as we did in every single other room in our house, we had to paint the trim. Our trim was either the same color as the wall or a cream color. It’s been a major pain. (We’re almost done with trim Andy- ALMOST!!!!)

I wanted to add some visual interest with shelves above the toilet and I had originally planned on using free floating shelves from Lowes, but they didn’t have the correct length. In our search, we found that hobby lobby has lots of great unfinished options that allow for you to really create the look you want. I had originally planned on staining these a gray brown color but ultimately went with white – mostly because it was easier to spray paint them and I was eager for it to be finished – but I do think that white looks better.


The mirror that was in the bathroom was an oval and I wasn’t a fan of it. I took measurements of the size I needed (around about size) and began looking in TJ maxx, Home Goods, and Kirkland’s for anything I might need to finish the project. I love stores like these for knick-knack items because they are generally less expensive and I’m on a budget. Also – I like to switch things up every once in a while.


I forgot to take a picture of the mirror while it was hung so here is Ellie modeling in it.


Just like in clothing, there are items that are “investment pieces” for home décor and then pieces that are just trends that may phase out. I reuse a lot of items and I try to repurpose things whenever possible. On our shelves, I either had it already or I purchased it on clearance or at TJ maxx.

  • I had the painted F from our gallery wall at our old house (painted a wooden letter from Michaels – the letter is $3 and I had paint)
  • The small white F my mom gave me, it came in a grab bag from Michaels that she purchased for like $2 with tons of other things
  • The Mason jar was in the back of a closet when we purchased our house. The old homeowners left it along with several vases and other jars.
  • The blue vase is something my grandma gave me the last time I was visiting. My mom made it in the 3rd grade and my grandma said she thought I should have it. I’m super sentimental and I find meaning in all kinds of random stuff but this is pretty darn COOL. I love this vase!

I Purchased:

    • It’s a good day to have a good day sign – 5.99 from TJ maxx
    • Faux plant – more expensive but I loved the texture of the base – $9.99 from TJ Maxx
    • Buddha – Andy was with me when we were buying things and we thought it would be funny to have this little guy. No regrets plus he’s a cool guy and brings all kinds of positive energy up in here. $6.99 from TJ Maxx
    • Frame – I found this on clearance from Kirklands for $4.
    • Mirror – it was the perfect size and the color scheme I wanted. $29.99 from TJ maxx
    • Shelves – unfinished from Hobby lobby 16.99 each but we each used a 40% off coupon. Then purchased white spray paint. (we have a sander already or you’d need sand paper) Sanding, painting.. Voila! – about $24ish total for both shelves and paint
    • Basket – 6.99 at TJ Maxx
    • Towel rack – Hobby Lobby Find – maybe $5 most?
    • Our first dance song artwork – last but not least this was my “investment piece” of our bathroom. I plan to never ever not use this art in our home. I found an artist on Etsy which I’ll link here. She was amazing to work with and this particular piece of art cost $66. I purchased a frame Michaels during one of their major sales, it was $11.A little more about this art from Etsy. Our first dance song was “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. His album came out just before our wedding and the first time I heard it I cried. It felt like it was written for us. We have so many songs – we’ve been together for almost 10 years now LOL but OUR song has always been “if the moon fell down tonight” by Chase coy. I didn’t feel like it was a good first song. ANYWAY – so we danced to “perfect” and every time I hear it I think about our wedding day and It makes me so happy. So I contacted Mimi and Belle and she was very prompt in her responses. I decided that instead of doing the whole song, we’d do a portion and a few weeks later I received the prettiest package in the mail! Even the packaging was beautiful. I was so impressed. She has several options on her shop as well as custom pieces! I would definitely recommend her!





And TA-DA!!! We’re done for now! It was a pretty easy fix and it made a huge change. My goal in our house was to make everything feel “cozy” and homey. Since moving out of my parents’ home I’ve never had a space that felt like “home” only places we lived for the time being.

Today I can proudly say that we not only own a house, but we have a place we ours and we’re both really proud of it.

We’re almost finished with our living room/dining room. If you all like posts like these please let me know! Xoxo, Britt